About us

PMT Matrix Capital Ltd was established to provide asset management services to professional investors.

Portfolio management service is a core business of our company. Our confident and individual approach let us take care of clients’ assets and let our clients retain control over their assets, save the time and resources and be sure in the future.

We formed tight-knit team of competitive and highly-skilled professionals with solid experience in investment and private banking business. Relying on the fundamental understanding of portfolio management and clients’ needs and expectations our specialists worked out the evident and transparent process of our approach realizing:

PMT Matrix Capital Ltd is located in Cyprus and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

WARNING: It has come to our Company's attention that unidentified persons communicate via e-mail messages and enter into telephone communications with members of the public by referencing the details of our Company and in particular the Company's license number. Those persons promise providing various financial services and in particular recovery of various types of financial losses. We would like to inform the public that such persons are not part of our Company and do not have any authority to represent or act on behalf of the Company. PMT Matrix Capital Ltd is not associated with the persons communicating via the specific emails and phone calls. We emphasize that our Company never sends unsolicited correspondence to members of the public.

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